After getting off the bus today on my way home, I was at the crosswalk when a random guy comes up and says "It's gonna rain tonight." Before I could tell him how full of shit he was, he proceeds to say "I broke all my bones in a motocross accident a long time ago and still have a lot of sensitive hairline fractures, so the second the air pressure starts to change I could tell you exactly when and where it's going to start raining, and for how long." The only bone I've ever broken being my big toe in junior high, I decided to shutup and take his word for it.

SOOOO 30 minutes ago the clouds just flooded the sky and decided to send a big fuck you in advance to all the sun-loving Los Angeles residents anticipating a good day tomorrow. If I ever run into homeboy again, his new nickname's Doppler 7000.

Here's my rainy day soundtrack, from me to you:

Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place

Prefuse 73 - Nuno

Broadcast - Echo's Answer

Bjork - Hidden Place

X-Ecutioners - DJ Premier In Deep Concentration

Digitalism - The Pulse (Recommended)

Whoever's responsible for this weather is gonna get smacked upon sight. Immediately.

UPDATE: Fat Joe and Lil' Wayne just came forward and took full responsiblilty:

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