Everyday I see so many people with such amazing/ridiculous/questionable/horrible/straight-up-ill style, and keep thinking to myself, "BUY A FUCKING DIGITAL CAMERA." Well, since that day is yet to come, this is where I will be posting other people's style photos.

So whether it's someone I know, or something I stumbled upon across the 'space/interweb blogosphere/various fashion websites*, or something I saw in a magazine and just had to scan, I'll be updating this with THE SHIT I LIKE.

Here are some favorites this week:

Location: New York
When girls are this hot, it's almost easy to say they can get away with wearing anything, but we all know that's not true. Girls get too much credit for having good genetics. But when they decide that they look their absolute hottest when they dress like Sloan from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, you know she's the one.

Location: New York
Not too many people can pull this off. This guy grabbed an old ruffly blouse from his mom's pre-having-4-children box of clothes, left a few buttons open, threw on some white pants for summer, and rolled out the door. Nice work.

Location: Paris
Couples that go out dressed this well remind me of that scene from Blow where Johnny Depp just met Penelope Cruz and they're having this completely coked out psychadelic sex session with the most amazing clothes on (Those wardrobe stylists in that movie were fucking ON POINT by the way.)

*Note: If ever happen to you see yourself or a photo you have taken get posted on my blog which you wish to be removed, hit me with an email.


This definitely takes the ghetto factor out of rocking a "ghetto blaster", but apparently Lasonic (famous for making every sick boombox you knew about in the 80's) is making an iPod compatible ghetto blaster. No actual photos as of yet, but here is an illustrator mock-up of what its supposed to look like:

Rumor has it this bitch has 2x15W speakers (Notttt so sick), but also supports USB memory sticks and SD/MMC memory cards. Hopefully the pros and cons will balance themselves out?

No official release date as of yet, but expect to see everyone you hate lining up at Best Buy later this year.

Here is an alternate flyer I created for the IN FLAGRANTI party that DJ PUBES is throwing.

Some of you may recognize this from THE HUGE FUCKING PICTURE AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. Anyways, this party will most likely hand you your own ass. Click the link above and watch some of the In Flagranti videos, or check out their myspace. They have some of my favorite artwork/videos, all of which go amazing with the feel of their music.

Also, you can catch the crew and I at none other than KAZUO HQ in Downtown LA tomorrow (Remember I SCREAM?). This is an event you're totally going to fuck up and not go to, and then completely regret it for days to come afterwards. So to prevent any of that, I reccommend you GO:

See you in space, muthafuckas.

This is the new VGRNTS blog. I will be posting whatever the fuck I want, whenever I feel like. You've come to the right place.

Soooooooo let's start this off with a couple MP3s I like this week (These are not new songs):

Para One - Dundun Dun (Boys Noize Remix)

Digitalism - Zdarlight

And a little less dark than the last two:
Bonde Do Role - Office Boy (CSS Remix)