Been a long ass week. Came across this bootlegged video of Daft Punk playing a live show in Wisconsin a LONG time ago, and without their helmets.

Most of it sounds like random crazy noises, but if you know their music you can make out some of the songs being played, just at much higher tempos. This has to be at least 10 years ago.

Wisconsin loves to rave!

In related French guy music news, Justice was in LA recently and made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Being that they are DJs/Producers as opposed to actual performers, they found a way to make a live television set a little more interesting than Laptops and CDJ's:

I think they used some of the random street performers on Hollywood Blvd that dress as celebrities. Those dudes are down for anything.

I didn't get to make it to their show at the Henry Fonda, so we went to Cinespace instead to celebrate my longtime friend Nancy's birthday. Chris (WHITE GIRLS) and I were wasted as fuck and luckily made it home ok, but only to come home and find So Me, Gaspard (Justice), SebastiAn, Franki and Travis (IHEARTCOMIX!), DJ AM, Trevor (Skeet Skeet), Royal Rumble, Ron (Cobrasnake), and about 30 other people in my living room (Not to mention my roommate Tyler, who is 1/2 of Young Americans). I had to ban some random fucker, who for the first time in history, actually tried to sell me a beer. In my own house. Come on.

Not many pics from the house party, but here's some of Ron's photos of the dudes at Burrito King across the street (whoever took them there should know the taco truck is 10x better than that shithole):

Everyone's favorite DJ couple. Gina and Dan at the crib:

The next morning we got a nice little notice from our landlord to either pay a $600 fee for disturbing the peace, or move out... IN 3 DAYS. Basically a bunch of bullshit, but I'll keep you posted on that whole situation. Ironically enough there actually used to be a monthly party held at the house called Hush Hush. This isn't the first time we've been in trouble for noise complaints, so we'll see if we can squeeze our way out of another one.

UPDATE: We JUST got another notice from the landlord, this one basically saying we have 30 days to get the fuck out. STAY TUNED!

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