The saga continues. Bear with us...



New Sony Bravia commercial. They never fail.




Dude, Yahoo just suspended our hosting! What a trainwreck, my bills are paid son. Not sure how this happened exactly. Sorry for the difficulties, Everything will have to be solved in the next day or so...



So we're almost Two Weeks deep at The Crosby and its been pretty amazing! heres a little recap on what went down the first week. We've got some fresh stuff planned for the future. Well keep you tuned in!


The night before we opened was, "training/ you're here, so you might as well help out day!"
haa' we trapped you! now pick up that Menu Board!


Special Order from Josh the sous chef. sometimes we like to flip it up for you, so don't be surprised when you start seeing some other stuff floating around. Watch out for Arons Flour less chocolate cake aka, "Sexual Chocolate," coming soon!

Mr Randy Watson... damn that boy can sing!


View from the Bar. Yes we serve beer and wine for now, but the Amaaazing MJ is working on an exclusive soju cocktails menu which will be available soon!


Lets not forget. those Boomboxes are actually part of the sound system!


yeah its sort of a small kitchen but they hold it down proper! the Hardest working cats this side of the universe!


The Gaslamp Killer Killed it! Every first Thursday we have the GLK & Kutmah out to rip you to shreds with some Dirty, electronic, Drum Heavy, Rare, Deadly Beats!


pLo and Teebs representing M.H.D! don't sleep on these dudes. they Rocked the house on their premier Thursday night. Make sure to check the whole crew out every other Thursday night for more Dirty, electronic, Drum Heavy, Rare, Deadly Beats!


Our very first live performer ever at The Crosby. Nosaj Thing! Destroyed it on Saturday. Saturday nights is headliner night. once we get in the groove of things, well have different artist perform every week. well keep you posted on shows.


We've been pretty loungy earlier in the week. come by if you feel the need to get away, chill, mooch off free internet, grab a beer, enjoy a candle lit date, do homework, or be like Matt Goldman and cut out limited edition OBEY bike wheel covers to meet deadlines..


All in a days work..

See you soon..



This will be awesome. Good friends will be spinning records as always. I love this place.

I'm changing this blog to Barracuda Reports. Oh yeah, and I owe Miguel and Israel a car wash for being awesome.



This video is from a little while back when Apartment 3 held the Obey Clothing edition of Dress Right. I got a chance to be one of the runway models for the show. Vimby did some coverage on the event, peep the video below. I'm in there somewhere getting semi-hyphy.

You can also peep all the photos I took from this night right HERE.



Barracuda never fails you with the awesome deals on awesome gear. It's pretty apparent by now this is my favorite store in LA. Stop by this weekend for some food, drinks, music, and probably the world's best patio sale. Stussy, Cassette, Insight, Mike & Chris, Umbro by Kim Jones, Schmoove, Spring Court, PHCY, Kazuo, Jeremy Scott, and Y-3 are just a few of the brands they carry. Which means, yes, these will be 50-70% off.

Which means, yes, this is of epic proportions.

Don't forget, CASH ONLY! So hit up the ATM on the way...

See you there.



Justice VMA Afterparty.
9-10-07. Las Vegas, NV.

Click HERE.

Photos by Hassan Rahim.


Hello Investigators

I did a post a few days ago about The Crosby but I realized I forgot to introduce myself. My names Chris, "boorring..." but you may have heard of a mysterious experiment in music called, "FREE THE ROBOTS" (myspace.com/freetherobots). I'm that guy. I reside in the ruins of Orange County known as Santa Ana. a place that I chose as my stomping and building grounds.

whats my connection with this here blog?

well Me and Vgrnts go waay back to the days i used to work at the Subject Matter Galley (R.I.P.). Vgrnts, my friend Phil, and myself were the local creeps who spent hours Lurking, Skating parking lots, Freestyling and building on some next shit. with all the interesting shit we come across on a daily basis we figured we might as well share it with you. Now that i got that out of the way, Stay tuned for more Reports and Rambles.



Barracuda grand opening. Tomorrow. Don't fuck this one up.

Be there.