Justice VMA Afterparty.
9-10-07. Las Vegas, NV.

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Photos by Hassan Rahim.


Hello Investigators

I did a post a few days ago about The Crosby but I realized I forgot to introduce myself. My names Chris, "boorring..." but you may have heard of a mysterious experiment in music called, "FREE THE ROBOTS" (myspace.com/freetherobots). I'm that guy. I reside in the ruins of Orange County known as Santa Ana. a place that I chose as my stomping and building grounds.

whats my connection with this here blog?

well Me and Vgrnts go waay back to the days i used to work at the Subject Matter Galley (R.I.P.). Vgrnts, my friend Phil, and myself were the local creeps who spent hours Lurking, Skating parking lots, Freestyling and building on some next shit. with all the interesting shit we come across on a daily basis we figured we might as well share it with you. Now that i got that out of the way, Stay tuned for more Reports and Rambles.



Barracuda grand opening. Tomorrow. Don't fuck this one up.

Be there.

Reporting from Santa Ana

So I know some of you have been waiting for something fresh in the Southland. Well after over a year on the grind, I'm proud to finally announce that this wait will soon be over. This is not a Joke' We open in April!!

This is the Crosby. A Restaurant, Bar, Lounge, Bookstore among other things. If ever you feel you need a break from the same old stuff, our doors will be open. We're located in the artist village of Santa Ana aka Downtown Orange County. bet you didn't know their was a downtown in the OC. Its pretty much the last piece of the County that the Irvine company doesn't have their grubby hands on. thats why we call it home. We've got a lot of things planned so stay tuned!

-el Robot



Duuuuuuuudddeeeee. So Jen from Mean Red Productions hits me up at the very last minute (this was literally finished minutes ago) to do a flyer for their RIDICULOUS Winter Music Conference showcase. This is fresh out the oven, folks.


Not so sure I'm down with this...

In commemoration of the Eiffel Tower's 120th anniversary, the Frenchies decided to ADD A HUMONGOUS KEVLAR OBSERVATION DECK TO THE TOP.

Whatever dudes.

Here we go. Once again folks, this post is dedicated to all the material shit I don't have, used to have, wish to have, and/or may never have.

Raf Simons Vandal Boots

Subscription to Self Service Magazine

Tiger style fatalities

1982 BMW 633 (w/ peanut butter guts)

Million-dollar luxury Downtown LA loft

Bookshelf staircase for million-dollar luxury Downtown LA loft

Touch of Death



Our dude Matt Goldman has been getting lots of buzz lately...

Kind of a big deal around these parts, Matt (handsome young man up there on the right) is an artist/graphic designer/promoter/hustler/that dude. He throws this party, this other party, this one too, designs all the flyers for all of them, designs for these guys, and yeah. Let's not post his whole resume on here.

But yeah congrats.



My man Freeway AKA Andrew Freeborn has been cooking something up for a little while...

Always a master of the hustle, he had been collecting/slanging vintage gear for quite a minute, and decided to say fuck the middleman and start an online shop. He's stocking everything from vintage Bally's, Starter jackets and caps, Sports Specialties, London Fog, and all that is gangster in the world of vintage dopeness.

Click the pic below:


Introducing The Hundreds San Francisco.

Holy shit dude. They sorta kinda like seriously took it to the next level by opening a retail location inside a mining cave. Wow. Word the fuck up.

But seriously, congratulations to Bobby and Ben on opening their second retail location. Bobby was actually one of the first dudes I met when I moved to LA a little over a year ago. He's seriously one of the most hardworking, generous people I've met so far, and their success is definitely well deserved.

Peep the world famous Hundreds website HERE.



Maybe the best SXSW review so far. Paul Ford reviews 763 mp3's from SXSW artists:

"I recently downloaded the SXSW 2008 torrent file, which contains nearly 48 continuous hours of music from 763 acts appearing this week at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas (these bands elected to give away MP3s; they represent less than half of the total number of acts). I found myself wondering how to locate the songs worth hearing, and imagined that others were having the same problem.

Thus, the 763 reviews you’ll find below. For brevity, I kept each to exactly six words. Clicking on a band’s name takes you to its web site; clicking on the ▶ button takes you to the SXSW page for the band where you can listen to or download the song.

I realize that I have potentially hurt the feelings of nearly 3,000 musicians, for which I apologize. By no means should you ever stop writing and recording music."



The work of Australian/New York-based photographer Jay Harrison.

Mainly a fashion photographer, but the dude seems to have a great eye for anything that surrounds him. Lots of females of course.

Peep his website HERE.



One of the best websites with no words whatsoever: The online photo diary of Hedi Slimane.

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Taz Arnold (Sa-Ra) swung by the Hush Hush House today to discuss some secret upcoming projects in the near future.

Taz is the type of person you can just sit down with for hours on end, having the most intellectual conversation together. Whether it's the origin of man, the uprising of a subculture, all forms of music, the past, the present, or the future, you can expect nothing less than a creative visual opinion backed by tons of knowledge and insight.

Peep Sa-Ra's MySpace page HERE, and be on the lookout for some groundbreaking projects in the VERY near future...

Photos by Hassan Rahim.



Introducing 3:33 Footwear. The brainchild of pro skater Andrew Reynolds, they are simple and efficient for everyday wear with just enough steez. Reynolds has a great style on and off the board.

I need these in my life.

Watch the vid for a little insight on where the name "3:33" came from: