"Nothing is yours. And if I think everything belongs to me. How wrong I'll be; none of us have anything."

"There's a place I have never explored. Another world we have yet to conquer. And until then none of us have anything."

Trish Keenan = love. For more background and influence, listen to this. James Cargill and Trish Keenan are the modern day Joseph Byrd and Dorothy Moskowitz.

"I repeat myself. I believe that through this unconscious repitition, I have been leaking messages to myself for years. Two words have come up again and again for me. These two words feature in a number of my songs and I have not realized it until now. The words are 'let go.' I have been telling myself to let go for years. So much so I am claiming ownership of them. They are my words. I refuse to let go of them. They are going to be my reminders to let go. Perhaps my epitaph.

The lyrics of 'Tender Buttons' were generated through automatic writing. They are my free falling thoughts. I believe that words have their own life. That if you throw words together randomly, they naturally make sense. Language just wants to be understood." -Trish Keenan regarding Broadcast's lyrics

Broadcast - Look Outside (2000, Warp Records) (Recommended)

The United States Of America - Coming Down (1968, Columbia Records) (Recommended)

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