It's 7:41 AM, and I was going through my entire library of random photos, graphics, files, just everything. I really need to organize my shit soon, being that it's all located in ONE fucking folder on my computer, and it takes like 5 hours to load thumbnails. I have no idea why the hell I named half of my files what I did either. ONE benefit is that it sort of has the effect of a treasure chest. Or like a huge 60 GB rummage bin. After a little digging, I found a lot of old things that I forgot I even designed. Here is some of the stuff I came across:

This was a party flyer for The Hundreds and HUF for an event they threw at LAX around May last year with DJ Mike B. The concept of the graphic was based off one HUF previously released that depicted the "Tenderloin" district (one of the sketchiest parts of San Francisco), and my job was to create an LA version of that for The Hundreds. You can see the original graphic by HUF here.

I was actually 18 at the time and couldn't get into the club, so I ended up wandering around Hollywood (which back then I had NO geographical knowledge of) until the friend I came with (who got in without a problem) stumbled out the door hours later and proceeded to throw up all over his new kicks. Awesome.

This was technically the first real (meaning decent) computer graphic I ever made. It's a vector illustration of Scarlett Johansson that I did when I was 17, which I actually made entirely using Photoshop (technically disqualifying it from being a "vector" I suppose). It took me about 36 hours straight with no sleep, of which I wouldn't be surprised I contracted long-term brain damage from. I think I'll remake this one in Illustrator someday so it's a little less primitive. We'll see.

This one is kind of epic. I actually did a series of 4 or 5 of these prints when I was around 16, and I made them all with a fax machine. I had NO access to a computer, nonetheless one with Photoshop, so I was either painting or making collages all the time. My mom had a subscription to Elle Magazine, and I remember getting my ass beat for ripping out pages from it, as well as using all of the fax machine toner. I guess this one represents how much that hurt.

There are hundreds more pictures I could post, but quality over quantity has always meant a lot to me. We'll see where it takes me...

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