Sampling our forefathers has been a vital part in making modern music what it is today. Ideally, would music be what is is today without the creations of those before us? Is there even such thing as a true innovator anymore? Since the beginning of Hip Hop, as well as all mainstream and subculture genres of music, some of our favorite artists have "borrowed", sampled, been inspired by, and blatantly copied the original creators of the work they call their own. Is this unfair? Where is the line between "borrowing an idea" and ripping someone off drawn?

I could rant on and on for days about the concept of inspiration versus imitation, but in reality there is no line, no true boundary. Aside from the legal aspects, the comparison of the two is only drawn by one's own opinion, and I can personally say many of my designs, styles, and even theories have been inspired in one way or another by those before me. Whether it's a drum kick, a millisecond of a bleep, or a full-on 30 second loop, you'd be surprised where many of your favorite songs have borrowed their beats and hooks from.

This post is somewhat of a response to the many Daft Punk, Justice, and Kanye West fans that have recently felt betrayed from a few particular YouTube videos merely exposing the samples they used on their albums. You've obviously been hiding under a rock in the middle of buttfuck for 25 years. Here are the videos:

Kanye West samples from "Graduation"

Various Daft Punk Samples

Justice Samples from "†"

You decide.

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