Maybe the best SXSW review so far. Paul Ford reviews 763 mp3's from SXSW artists:

"I recently downloaded the SXSW 2008 torrent file, which contains nearly 48 continuous hours of music from 763 acts appearing this week at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas (these bands elected to give away MP3s; they represent less than half of the total number of acts). I found myself wondering how to locate the songs worth hearing, and imagined that others were having the same problem.

Thus, the 763 reviews you’ll find below. For brevity, I kept each to exactly six words. Clicking on a band’s name takes you to its web site; clicking on the ▶ button takes you to the SXSW page for the band where you can listen to or download the song.

I realize that I have potentially hurt the feelings of nearly 3,000 musicians, for which I apologize. By no means should you ever stop writing and recording music."


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