Hopped on the bus late last night to do a little photoshoot over at Cosby Clothing's new headquarters. Zack's been steady shredddiiinnggggggg...

Baby Zack (Serious steez check on that RUN DMC shirt):

Zack and I used to live together a year ago on Vermont and Melrose next to El Gran Burrito, (the best Mexican food spot in the fucking U-NI-VERSE), so after taking some photos we shot down to our old hood with his girlfriend Keyla to take care of business...

Hey, remember that interview I did with Zack last year? You can read that HERE.

Otherwise Cosby's online store is now up and running HERE, so you can support our delicious taco habits by purchasing some nice clothing.

Annndddd you can expect those Spring photos we took to be up sometime next week.


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