Just four-hundred-and-thirty-four days ago was the moment I made the move from Santa Ana, California to the ever illustrious capital of the West we call Los Angeles. Not that Santa Ana wasn't a capital in itself to begin with; the Greater Los Angeles Area consists of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Ana, the main three cities officially responsible for the agglomeration "Southland". I mean, Eureka takes credit for being the "official" capital, but we all know where the real gold diggers are. (UPDATE: Sacramento is the capital of California, and I obviously didn't finish grade school.)

I definitely can't say I started 2007 with any type of game plan, nonetheless a head start. As the last half of 2006's final trimester approached its destined moment of truth, it seemed as though the unhappy ending of a once passionately chased dream had reversed its way through the space-time continuum to destroy the very life it was destined to blossom.

I ended the year with one of the biggest moves I'd make in my 19-some-odd years: the decision to get up, pack a lunch, and move my ass to LA. Merriam-Webster defines the word "singular" in many ways, almost all of them describing the path I chose, but the most accurate one is: "departing from general usage or expectation." Every parent/guardian has expectations of their children, but how much can they expect from a child that raised him or her self?

The past few paragraphs have the potential to become the introduction to my life story as an adult, but instead of getting extra epic on all ya'll I decided to give a brief (very long) 2007 photo retrospective. Each and every photo has its own story behind it, and holds a special place in the bottom of my heart.


Time flies.

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