This is in response to the previous post paying homage to the seemingly endless creative endeavors of Michel Gondry. I was recently watching my Michel Gondry Director's Label DVD, which includes the making of The White Stripes music video "Fell In Love With A Girl":

As well as the final product:

I originally wanted to write this post after recently coming across what seems like a new ad campaign/marketing concept from Lego:

Simply titled "3 Bricks", the goal of the ad series is to suggest to the consumer that the final product of any Lego project is limitless, no matter the size, color, or amount of bricks provided. Every human mind is different, and just the way a psychologist uses ink blots to determine one's train of thought, these ads suggest that it's not necessarily what's provided to you, but what you make of it.

This is definitely a new form of marketing on the part of Lego, being that their most success has been shown by marketing kits that always had some general theme behind them. Whether it be space travel, vikings, a simulation of city life, or a promotion for a certain movie or product (I.E. Star Wars, Bob The Builder), Lego has always taken the color palette, characters, accessories, and packaging of their building kits and designed them to fit one particular theme.

Not too sure how their new ad campaign will play out, but if you ask me, they're pretty fucking bummed they didn't make some sick White Stripes Lego kits.

In other news, Jack and Meg are pretty much over, it judging by their new White Stripes Lomography camera sets:

And in other-other news, I have been Craigslisting frantically to locate a huge random box of assorted Lego pieces for an upcoming design project, being that my little sister was the sole beneficiary of all my childhood toys and refuses to part ways with them under any circumstances. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: I just came across this amazing video:

Grand Theft Auto: Lego City

SOOO good.

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