Record collector, party rocker, drum player, disco connoisseur, spinner at LA Weekly's #1 voted dance party, and your favorite Los Angeles DJ's favorite Los Angeles DJ.

DJ Pubes gots the game locked in a cage getting shocked with a pole. Running a record collection of about 20,000+, he's got every right-click-save-as DJ in check by personally ripping all his music straight from vinyl for that authentic sound he's known for.

Originally from Jersey, he's been killing it out here for years now, and it apparently runs in the family (his older brother Mike is head designer at Obey Clothing). Here's a peek at what goes on inside his hairy ass dome:

Top 5 Records that cost you under 5 bucks:

That's tough to say, you find rare stuff worth a grip for under 5 alot. On the other side of it, alot of good records regularly cost under 5. Here's 5 I like, rare or not that cost under 5.

1. High Hopes - SOS Band
2. Abracadabra/Macho City - Steve Miller Band
3. The Bob Seger System
4. Cerrone - Brigaide Mondaine
5. Shocking Blue

Top 5 Ebay bid battles:

1. Early era Patagonia reverse pile jacket, my dad used to have the same one
2. Introducing Drago Ep (still can't get over the loss, first track is stuck in my head and I may never see that record again)
3. Men Of Respect True Bad Boy 12"
4. Philadelphia Eagles Zubaz size Med, most of the time when Eagles Zubaz show up on Ebay they are XXL with a pizza stain on them
5. Trying to negotiate the price on a mixer from some guy in Burbank who had listed the mixer along with his phone number. So I went to his house and offered sweet sweet cash. I have no shame in my eBay game.

Top 5 parties in 2007:

1. Dafterparty w/ Blu Jemz, Dark Alley, Mike B and myself
2. Rockognized #4
3. Ass & Titties w/ Low Budget
4. Dance Right with fromElsewhere guys. Everytime they are there I have a good time. The only time I can actually relax when I'm there is when they play. They know how to build the night.
5. I have some short term memory or something cause my mind is going blank. Maybe we'll leave one blank for an upcoming event that will be epic.

++Pubes live at Rockognized #4

Top 5 halloween costume ideas:

1. My old lady wants me to be Jen from Dark Crystal
2. Because I don't want to cut my beard I told her I'd be Jim Hensen and I'll tie strings to her costume so she looks like a puppet from Dark Crystal. I guess if I had Kermit the Frog puppet on my other hand it might make a little more sense.
3. Stevie Nicks and Lyndsey Buckingham, a costume for couples
4. Target is doing it big this season, my brother got a sweet keg costume.
5. If you're a lady you could always be a sexy ???? Generic costumes are where it's at though. I want to be a mummy or a pirate, maybe a wizard.

Top 5 ways to show affection to the ones you love:

1. A big 'ole kiss
2. Give them something that reminds you of them, maybe a nice swap meet find
3. Buy them drinks, get them drunk
4. Pat on the back and say you're my pal like Judge Smails in Caddy Shack
5. If it's a "special" one you love, you can do whatever Keith Sweat would do

Top 5 things about your big brother:

1. Pretty generous guy
2. They used to call him crack baby growing up
3. Looks identical to my dad at his age
4. First company to buy any of his freelance work was Hurley while he was still in college
5. He's my biggest supporter with DJing

++Pubes with Shepard Fairey at Dance Right

Top 5 annoying song requests while spinning:

Play something we can dance to!

1. Soulja Boy. Get over it LA, you are way too late on this song to get a free pass.
2. Play some Prince while playing Prince. I'm sure every DJ has a story like this.
3. Play some reggae in the middle of an uptempo dance night. I guess the song would have been something like Welcome to Jamrock. Don't get me wrong I like that song, just doesn't fit the night. Do people not realize a certain type of music is being played all night?
4. Any Girl Talk track. Unless you are 15 and a girl this is not acceptable!
5. One More Time - Daft Punk. Reminds me of meatheads at the Jersey Shore. I'm alright with Daft Punk but that song just blows.

Honorable mention: Them Jeans, Blu Jemz and I were doing a party and someone requested Elton John in the middle of a hip hop night. If the dude didn't fork over $100 this would have been annoying.

Here's a little crime scene evidence from some of his recent murder convictions:

DJ Pubes killing the decks live at Rockognized 2007 (as mentioned in "Top 5 parties"), courtesy of Glenjamn

DJ Pubes in Episode 1 of "Pube$ Was Here!" (featuring Don Nguyen)

::BONUS:: DJ Pubes live at SXSW 2007

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