You don't know how proud I am to be posting this right now...

My man Chris from Free The Robots is in the top 20 of the iTunes charts right now! This is an accomplishment of epic proportions that was done singlehandedly by Chris and friends. Peep!

I first met Chris when I moved to Santa Ana in 2005. I had gotten kicked out of my house, and all I had to my name was my skateboard, a busted iPod shuffle, and a monthly bus pass. On one of my various excursions exploring the city, I landed at a place called The Lab, where I discovered an art gallery/boutique called Subject Matter. Chris, along with his good homie Phil Nisco, were both part time employees here, and I connected with them immediately on many different levels.

Within about a month I became a regular at the Lab, and I think may have been one of the first people to be referred to as a Lab Rat (our equivalent to a "mall rat"). I would always be burning and trading mix CDs with Chris and Phil, and they always threw amazing art receptions and various in-stores they would DJ. Chris actually was the one who ended up getting me a position at Obey Clothing in late 2005, for which I am forever thankful.

Chris and Phil, along with another partner of theirs, are also opening a bar in Santa Ana this year and recently got coverage in the OC Weekly. And when I say coverage...

All else I can say is, if anybody I know deserves to blow up in 2008, Free The Robots definitely takes the cake. From the bottom to the top's the only place to go.

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