VGRNTS top 5 picks for the first week of September:

1) Calvin Harris - Merry Making At My Place

2) Bjork - Army Of Me (Telegram Cover) (Recommended)

3) Kanye West - I Wonder

4) Mr. Flash - Eagle Eyez

5) Them Jeans - All Work All Play Mixtape

Don't forget about IN FLAGRANTI this Saturday night. This will blow yo' brains out...

One thing about In Flagranti is that instead of making music videos for their singles, they just make short videos EVERY song. Most of these are really weird and kinda leave you thinking for a few minutes. This one is a favorite:

Also, going on TONIGHT at Dance Right, my boys fromELSEWHERE (along with old Pubeski) are going to be showing you once again how to MURDER THE CLUB by playing GOOD MUSIC:


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