The people over at Lee Dungarees (Australia) are doing some interesting ad campaigns lately. I remember these jeans being sold at Wal-Mart growing up when my mom couldn't spend more than $100 for my back to school wardrobe, and I always hated them because all the other kids had JNCOs while I looked like a middle-aged housewife from North Dakota. I might as well have had some Jordache's.

I can't necessarily give Lee 100% on this one, because nowadays it's pretty easy to find decent photographers and graphic artists to make your company more appealing to this ever-so-hip, trendy, mega-consumerist marketing jackpot we call youth, but they will still get a C+ for effort. It would have been a B or B+, but it's pretty apparent by some of the designs that they are trying to follow the footsteps of fellow Australian mates Ksubi (Formerly Tsubi, recently changed due to a bullshit lawsuit although the "K" looks cooler).

Either way, the campaign has pretty great execution overall, my favorite being the one with the melting shirt effect (below). Check them out for yourself:

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