It's currently 3:02 AM Pacific Standard Time.

The scent of Nag Champa is slowly engulfing the air of my room. Every time I have purchased these, they have always come with a sample box of another scent called Super Hit, of which the box claims to "increase positive aspects of all zodiac signs," mine being Gemini (Gemini are apparently the communicators of the Zodiac, as well as the nonconformists of the Zodiac). Ironically enough (considering this post), I didn't get a box of Super Hit this time.

Currently listening to Florida by Diplo. While designing I have found it easiest to focus and get in a certain zone when I listen to full albums or mixtapes, or anything that I don't have to manually change for a prolonged period of time.

Decided today that next semester I will enroll to take Business and Management classes, as well as French and Psychology.

Recently did a personal study on various key psychological features within my immediate group of acquaintances, some of which led me to further research the term idiot savant (medically referred to as autistic savant).

Made it a point to eliminate the almost over obsessive usage of the word "like" within sentences, hoping to further develop my general human communication skills (which have seemingly left my sight completely since my move to the greater Los Angeles area).

Inspiration today courtesy of future Columbia University graduate, Holly Stanton.

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